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Megan Ramsey, Editor, Director of Algorithmic Research

Megan Ramsey has long been intrigued by the stock market, starting from her early childhood. At the age of seven, she appeared in a commercial for the radio show "Managing Your Money" hosted by Peter Bruno, where she encouraged listeners' grandchildren to advise their elders on preparing for rising living expenses. Megan's academic prowess was evident early on, recognized by her elementary school teachers and confirmed by an assessment that identified her as gifted. She earned her bachelor's degree from Lynn University in just three years, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.97. Her outstanding academic performance earned her a spot in the President's Honors Society and recognition at Lynn University’s Honors Convocation, as well as a medal at graduation for achieving one of the highest GPAs. She is currently pursuing her master's degree at Lynn University.

Through working at the Institute of Wall Street Studies as a statistical research analyst as well as the Director of Research, following in her mother's footsteps, Megan has modernized our foundational cycle research using the latest in computer technology and artificial intelligence. Megan has developed algorithmic trading systems that not only generate precise buy and sell signals but also forecast market trends, aiming to remove emotional bias from trading decisions. This cutting-edge research has achieved a 93% accuracy rate in identifying profitable trades.

Recently, the firm has further integrated its unique cycle analysis with these innovative algorithmic trading systems. These systems require a deeper understanding of computer coding and statistical analysis, all geared towards the goal of excising emotions from trading decisions.

Dr. Ellen Bruno Ramsey, Director of Proprietary Analysis

Dr. Ellen Bruno Ramsey, daughter of Peter Bruno, the founder of the Institute of Wall Street Studies Corp., hosted her own popular financial talk show, "Buy, Sell, or Hold." Notably, she was the youngest radio host in the nation to focus on finance. Her show aired on Beasley Media Group’s "Money Talk" Radio Station WSBR 740 AM and frequently left the full bank of telephone lines busy with callers by the end of each episode. In addition to her role in media, she served as the Director of Research for the investment advisory firm, Wall Street Money Management Group, and continues to conduct proprietary analysis for the family-owned Institute of Wall Street Studies Corp and their Concierge Investment Services.

Dr. Ramsey began her teaching career at Lynn University in 1994 after earning her Master’s Degree in International Business. She was a pioneer at the university in developing online business courses and was recognized by Dr. Don Ross, President Emeritus of Lynn University, as the university’s first “Triple Knight,” having earned all three of her degrees there, including her PhD.

Ellen was instrumental in promoting an original form of innovative investment research analysis known as Cycle Analysis, which has the ability to forecast directional market movements across various investment types. Together with her daughter Megan, Ellen leads the research and services offered through the Concierge Roundtable Services, a division of the Institute of Wall Street Studies Corp.

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